Bluetooth Glossary

Below, you will find a list of probably the most utilized terms in
Bluetooth technology. They could serve as a look up,
or to help you learn more about Bluetooth terms in

2 in 1 device
The situation where a customer’s device is acting
as a remote handset to a base unit that delivers a
network connection.

Third generation, discussing the following generation
of digital phone technology.

802.11 WLAN
a cordless LAN specification defined by the IEEE.

Access code
Each base band packet will begin with an access code,
that can be certainly one of 3 kinds – CAC, DAC, and IAC.


Asynchronous Connectionless Link. This will be one of the
two forms of data links which are defined for Bluetooth.

Authenticated Ciphering Offset.

Active mode
Throughout the active mode, the machine will earnestly
participate on the channel. The master will schedule
the transmission based on traffic demands from the
various slaves.

Access point.

The process of verifying who’s at the other end
of this website link.

Authentification unit
A device whoever identity happens to be confirmed through the
duration of the current link based on the
authentification procedure.

This defines the specification of the electronic
sign processing facet of the equipment – the
controller – which carries out of the baseband

Abreviation of baseband.

Bluetooth unit.

Bit Error Speed.

The above is more of an intro to your terms being
combined with Bluetooth. Bluetooth currently has hundreds
of products, which makes it the best cordless solution in
the entire world. With additional being released each and every day, you are able to
bet that Bluetooth is likely to be around for most years to

If you’re new to Bluetooth, the terms used can be
very helpful. You will find a huge selection of glossary terms
that connect with Bluetooth, many of which describe
shortcuts to typical terms. You’ll learn a lot by
reading within the meanings, particularly if you have
never used Bluetooth technology before.

Those of you that have experience with Bluetooth,
can check out the glossary of terms to brush up
on your knowledge or simply take a look at what a new
term really means. Nothing is complicated with
the definitions, although they make just take some getting
used to.

Once you have existed Bluetooth for some time,
you will find yourself right at home with the terms
and definitions towards the technology. All you need to do
is experiment along with it, and read books or manuals
when you obtain the opportunity. Before long,
you’ll be a professional in the vast realm of
Bluetooth cordless.

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